A Photo Of Neil Spencer Bruce

Neil S. Bruce /
VR Sound Artist, Designer, Recordist, Composer

‘I really appreciated Tony’s style of listening and consideration to my issues, and rather than telling me what to do, Tony helped me realise what it was I had to do through my own words.

This to me was the biggest plus point of the coaching session, I have found sessions where you leave with lists of websites, books and things you must do to be counterproductive. In my session with Tony, I came away feeling more confident in my story and with solutions which (with Tony’s assistance) I had thought of and could put into place.

I would really recommend coaching sessions with Tony, regardless of where you or your business currently are, as they offer a self reflective insight into how to overcome any obstacles you may be facing. Highly recommended.’

A Photo Of Crista Cloutier

Crista Cloutier /
The Working Artist

‘I was feeling paralyzed by overwhelm when I first met Tony. I had so many big dreams but just as many big fears. By the end of our conversation, I could breathe again. Not just that, but I had a solid plan forward. The clarity that resulted from my conversation with Tony helped me to feel aligned to my purpose.

Tony listens intently; a rare trait. He doesn’t tell you what you ‘should’ do nor push any formulas. He pays attention and find the authentic thread that runs beneath your dreams so that you can create a new future more gracefully. 

I’m so grateful that I found him! Now I know my way forward because I’m on the right path again.

A Photo Of Jenni Harrison

Jenni Harrison /
Media Director & Creative Producer

‘I had never considered coaching before having this session with Tony and my lord I’m glad I did.

I have recommended giving professional coaching a go to many of my freelancer friends in the days since my session as I cannot express how much it has made a lot of solutions I had been searching for this year become very clear to me. I’d 100% recommend Tony as a coach, he is very understanding and trustworthy, and very easy to settle in to a session with.

I will be spending a few months implementing many decisions I have made to move forward from our session, and I aim to be back with him soon to find my next steps!

A Photo Of Mat Ombler

Mat Ombler /
Get Good Copy

‘Tony’s business coaching has been hugely beneficial for me. He’s incredibly well-read, which means he can quickly tailor his advice according to the sector you’re working on, providing real-life examples of businesses that have struggled with or overcome similar challenges to my own.

Ultimately, he provided a clear roadmap and structured way of how to overcome the challenges I’m facing to succeed and get my priorities in line. I’d highly recommend him.’

A Photo Of Danielle Jensen

Danielle Jensen / Brand Consultant / Yensen Studio Ltd 

‘When embarking on this coaching call with Tony, I was battling with showing up on my social media for a number of reasons – and some of those reasons I wasn’t even sure of before the call.

Tony is very knowledgable and understanding. He has the ability to identify, deconstruct and approach the obstacles from a new perspective. Tony recommended multiple achievable and measurable steps which assist me not only overcoming the obstacles, but smashing them!

Whilst Tony guided the coaching call to ensure it was constructive, I enjoyed how open the discussion was throughout! I’d recommend working with Tony, especially if you’re trying to push through a particular area of your business like myself.

A Photo Of Shelvia Loveridge

Shelvia Loveridge / Little Ms Connecting Dots

‘I was close to cancelling on the coaching conversation (as I felt that I’m not ready). I’m glad I didn’t as it was exactly what I needed. It took that one conversation with Tony to help me have clarity on my 1 year goal and next steps.

Tony not only helped me paint and see clear picture of where I want to go. The conversation left me excited, prepared (with a list of action items) and inspired to get going! Very grateful for Tony’s insightful coaching, holding of space.

On top of it all, I also really appreciate how focused Tony is on what’s good for me; as he not only recognised, but called out that with my business partnerships, he wouldn’t be the right coach, right now. Thank you so much Tony! I look forward to working with you again in the future.’

A Photo Of Lily Marsh

Lily Marsh / Stonemason, Carver & Sculptor

‘Originally I think I had an assumption that coaching was purely about lifestyle coaching or relationships and hadn’t associated it with my work or practice.

Tony’s coaching offered a really practical way of thinking through work related obstacles I was experiencing. I’m self employed and often work alone, so it was also refreshing to talk to someone about creative practice.

I specifically liked that it was a no pressure environment. I felt Tony had a wide range of materials and references he could refer to when explaining concepts and new ways of thinking. This was helpful to reframe how I approached my practice.’

A Photo Of Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams /
Rebecca Grace Photography

‘The coaching I received from Tony has been invaluable and exactly what I needed to get my business kickstarted. I liked his prompting questions they really made me think about what was important for me to get started and where I was heading towards, creating 30 day goals that were easily manageable. He helped me to gain clarity and tune into what my business was about.

I would recommend Tony to others seeking a friendly, informative coach who’s approach to coaching puts you at ease and makes you feel like you are heading in the right direction.’

A Photo Of Evelyn Vargas

Evelyn Vargas / EHS Coach & Programme Manager at Salary Coaching for Women

‘Since the very first moment I jumped into a call with Tony, I felt seen, heard and understood. His coaching approach and the questions he had for me really made me think outside the box and go deep into clarity. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to unleash their potential in business with a truly human approach.

A Photo Of John Seddon

John Seddon / Photographer & Filmmaker

‘Tony’s advice helped us to secure a new client with a project value of more than 10x our previous norm. He’s an honest, down-to-earth guy with a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks to help you see and approach things in new and better ways.

Even just a coffee and a chat is a great investment!’

A Photo Of Sarah Grace Dye

Sarah Grace Dye / Curator at Sheffield Artists Book Fair

‘I had a two hour session with Tony that was very helpful to straighten out my busy brain. He carefully guided me through a process of focusing in on what was important right now and helped me to craft a plan moving forward.

His questions were expertly chosen to enable me to put words and actions to my thoughts.’

A Photo Of Alastair Flindall

Alastair Flindall / Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer

‘Procrastination and lack of focus can often slow me down and tony helped me to realise that I knew the answers to solve my problems. As a result I have a more positive outlook for how I can push through my personal barriers to success.

His openness to exploring you as a whole person allowed me to discuss abs work through my goals and what was holding me back. I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I now understand how to move forwards.’

A Photo Of Rich Hall

Rich Hall / Freelance Apparel Designer / RH Design

‘Tony’s advise really helped to refocus my attention to areas of my business that needed addressing.

He introduced me to a number of professionals from his network, which really helped to implement these changes. He’s friendly, driven, and knowledgable.’

A Photo Of Jo Breese

Jo Breese / Commercial Illustrator & Lecturer / Vector That Fox

‘I spent a few hours strategising with Tony, and found it super helpful in terms of what I should be prioritising, and rewiring my thinking on how I should be approaching the business side of things. A good laugh and a great help.’

A Photo Of Sam Benham

Sam Benham / Graphic Designer & Creative

‘Tony helped me to see things from a different perspective and after speaking to him, I now have a better understanding of my direction. He’s helped me to focus and had some good pointers.’

A Photo Of Neil Carribine

Neil Carribine / Freelance Illustrator at Lamptissue

‘Tony helped me to break down my business and figure out areas I need to focus on to help improve cash flow and finding new clients Xoxo’

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