Lack Of Confidence? Here’s A Plan B.

A while back I jumped on Neil Bruce’s podcast, TIAW. Neil asked me for my opinion on the potential barriers we face when we go freelance. 

One of my three answers was a lack of confidence.

A few years ago I wandered into Sheffield to check out an event on public speaking. I can’t remember the speaker. But I do remember one of his main messages. 

He spoke about the challenges we face before we become public speakers. During the Q&A, someone mentioned they were short of confidence. His answer was to forget about it altogether. 

Instead, lean on courage. Lots of us hold ourselves back while we wait on confidence, but that’ll never show up if we don’t try. And that’s where courage comes in—that stuck with me.

Neil and I realised on the podcast that after a while, confidence gives way to something else. Comfort. It’s the polar opposite to courage, but given the opportunity, one can make way for the other. 

On the call, Neil said he was so comfortable performing on stage that confidence wasn’t an issue. It became normal after years practise playing other gigs. Of course he and the others could practise elsewhere, too.

Rehearsing somewhere private gave them the opportunity to improve. Without the added pressure of having to get everything right. 

So in this order, we:

  1. Begin with courage, 
  2. Learn to feel confident,
  3. Become comfortable.


When it comes to your work, where are you on this scale? 

If you’re at #1, is there anything you could do to fast-track your way to confidence? Or if you’re at #3—should you try something new, to escape your comfort one?

Quote Of The Moment:

‘When you have enough self-confidence, you will try almost anything. Because success is largely a matter of averages, or probabilities, the more things you try, the more likely it is that you will achieve greatly.’

From: The Power Of Self-Confidence by Brian Tracy

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