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The sun is shining. It’s hot. And I’m tempted to throw my work to one side and head over to the allotment.

I have this email to write to you. But there’s Resistance present. Today the words aren’t flowing, and writing seems more difficult than it should.

If I’m honest, I’d rather be outdoors making the most of the sun—before the rain takes over tomorrow.

I can’t combine the two—the laptop wouldn’t do well in this heat. It’s one or the other.

So… If you were me, what would you do?

I’ve read conflicting advice over the years. On writer’s block, Seth Godin tells us to push on. Plumbers don’t get plumber’s block, so why should writers get an easy way out?

I asked the same question to other freelancers on LinkedIn. When work feels like a struggle, what do you do?

Some were telling me they’re wary of forcing it. They go for a walk, or find another way to be productive. One person retreated into business books, so they spent that time wisely.

I find all the above help. Although different things work for different people. 

Hmm, looks like we’re just about finished here. That wasn’t so bad in the end. 

Here’s a tip that I picked up from the The Chimp Paradox. Next time you aren’t in the mood for work, do it anyway—for ten minutes. You might find after ten minutes you’re on a roll and don’t want to stop.


Quote Of The Moment:

The professional expects Resistance. He knows that if he caves in today, no matter how plausible the pretext, he’ll be twice as likely to cave in tomorrow.

From The War Of Art: Break Through The Blocks And Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

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