Client Stories:

Some clients very kindly give me permission to share their stories of our coaching with people like you. Here’s what they achieved:

Marketing Yourself: How Neil Changed His Perspective

The Challenge:

Neil had one main problem holding him back. He knew he had to create more leads… But he wasn’t feeling good about the idea of finding them through social media.

The Breakthrough:

During the coaching, something became increasingly clear to Neil. He realised this wasn’t really a social media issue. His reluctance to use social media was actually born from his feelings towards approaching strangers. 

As a musician, he was completely comfortable playing guitar in front of thousands of people. But despite that, the idea of marketing his business made him nervous. We’d realised that Neil’s confidence as a musician didn’t necessarily carry over to his marketing efforts.

The Results:

Over time, it’d become clear that this was a question of confidence. But what could he do to turn things around?

The conversation naturally led to us talking about Neil’s past. We discovered he had plenty of achievements unique to him. These helped to put things in perspective—and in hindsight, they made the idea of marketing himself a lot less scary.

This led to another happy realisation. Until our coaching Neil believed his best days were all in the past… But now he knows that isn’t necessarily true.

You can learn more about Neil on his website here.

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