Useful Freelance Books: 2021

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Useful Freelance Books: 2021 When you work for yourself, it’s easy to assume that only business books are worth your time. This year I decided to challenge that. Here, you’ve stumbled across an article of useful freelance books I read in 2021. These books are different to they kinds you’ll find on 99% of the […]

Lack Of Confidence? Here’s A Plan B

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Lack Of Confidence? Here’s A Plan B. A while back I jumped on Neil Bruce’s podcast, TIAW. Neil asked me for my opinion on the potential barriers we face when we go freelance.  One of my three answers was a lack of confidence. A few years ago I wandered into Sheffield to check out an […]

When Noise = Focus

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When Noise = Focus I’ve been wanting to visit a coffee shop lately, but not for the obvious reason. I’ve had a home office for almost two years now, and some days are easier than others. Here’s why: There’s a house over the road with a few dogs inside. They seem more territorial than most—usually […]

Recommended Freelance Reading 2021

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Recommended Freelance Reading: 2021 Looking for something new to read? I had fun cobbling together the last list of business books, and couldn’t resist making a second. So, that said, here’s my recommended freelance reading list from books I read throughout 2021.  These books cover a wide range of topics like writing, branding and productivity. […]

Recommended Freelance Reading 2020

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Recommended Freelance Reading: 2020 If you’re anything like me, you love a good business book. But finding the right one, and the time to read it, can be tough. So to give you a helping hand, here’s my recommended freelance reading list, inspired by books I enjoyed in 2020. All ten of these can give […]

Know Yourself

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Know Yourself The sun is shining. It’s hot. And I’m tempted to throw my work to one side and head over to the allotment. I have this email to write to you. But there’s Resistance present. Today the words aren’t flowing, and writing seems more difficult than it should. If I’m honest, I’d rather be […]

Experiment With Your Prices

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Experiment With Your Prices Earlier today I hopped on an easy-going networking session. One of the other chaps there was a web designer, and we had a little chat about pricing. He shared his current prices—£25 per webpage. This person was running a lifestyle business, and seemed happy with it. I don’t think there are […]

Look Back For A Moment

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Look Back For A Moment… As I write this first Mindsights email I’m (ironically) thinking about the past. Six years ago I began this freelance journey, and it all started when one person put their faith in me. They asked me to create them a website. When this web design job fell into my lap, […]

What Are The Differences Between Coaching And Mentoring?

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What Are The Differences Between Coaching And Mentoring? Coach vs Mentor: Have you worked with a coach before? For lots of freelancers, the answer is no. I often find myself explaining the differences between coaching and mentoring. Coaching can be tricky to explain. One of the best ways to learn what’s like is by being […]